[Review] Stagg Jr. 2016 Release

Proof: 132.5 | Price: $60 (+/-) | Rating: 2.5

The price went up and the proof went down. I mean, not a lot on either end..up ten bucks down 2 points, but I’ve been reading up and seems like people are split 50/50 on the junior. Some folks think its too overpriced and not even close to the genius of big brother Stagg, others think it’s bloated Blanton’s at a higher proof, others think it a pretty swell drank. I ponied up to my favorite barstool and gripped a glass last night. Didn’t even come close to the earlier batches I’ve tried. In fact, this one seemed to align itself with folks who thinking its not even good enough to bear the Stagg name. Much sweeter, less complex and doesn’t drink like a bourbon at 132, for sure. No major burn or punch, and more brown sugar and lots of oak on the taste.  I guess thats one of the problems with these annual releases like this and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof: you never know what you’re gonna get until you pony down some scratch for a bottle. This batch, it might be best to save your money until the next round. Or don’t. Do what you want.

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[Comment] The Best Bourbon List Ever

Keeping on with my mission of being the best bourbon blog in history of all time ever, here is a nifty resource I have made just for you. It’s The Best Bourbon List Ever. I pray for the day this article stops being published, but until then here we is.

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Did I miss your opinion, journalist and/or blogger? Hit me up and I’ll add your link. But just remember: this list is the BEST. So don’t get salty because yours isnt.

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[Review] Ol’ Major Bacon Flavored Bourbon

Old Major Bacon BourbonProof: 70 | Price: No idea it was a gift | Rating: 1.5

Alright so you know how there’s always that one relative that just zooms in on one thing and then hammers down on you for the next decade about that one thing? In this case my problem was admitting how much I liked bacon to my sister in law. Now I receive emails, facebook timeline posts, bacon themed christmas gifts such as soaps and candles and now it has finally come to this: Ol’ Major Bacon Flavored Bourbon. She said it was the “best of both worlds for me” and I should be so excited to try this. And then she like, stared at me and then stared at the bottle, waiting for me to open it up and pour a sample. So not only did I have to try this, but I had to do it faking excitement. I mean, you can totally say “nah I’m good thanks b” but then you look like a totally ungrateful dick especially when they’re super excited to give this to you as a well meaning gift.

So I poured it and tried it and guess what? It’s not great but I didn’t do a spit take either. There is bacon and a little bit of limp bourbon and that’s really all you need to know. There ain’t no sense in getting all deep on it. I mean, I’m sure there are other bottles out there that are flavored that are just as heinous that involve bacon, but having never tried them I don’t know. I think maybe I would crush this over breakfast if I was still drunk from the night before. But I’d probably have to still be drunk. I almost wish I could go back and review more Canadian whisky at this point. Maybe I’ll make that a thing next paycheck. Pick up a bottle or two of more Canadian business and have another week of tasting. Maybe invite some crew over to get their opinions.

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[Review] Pike Creek Canadian Whisky

pike-creek-canadian-whisky-1Proof: 80 | Price: $35 (+/-) | Rating: 3

Alright, Pike Creek was the last one of the bunch for me. Gotta say Gavin that Canada’s whisky game is tight, but still lagging in many respects but I think with this new prime minister he’ll get it on lockdown and you guys are gonna be major players in the world soon especially when all of these so called tariffs get enacted with Scotland. Gut feeling is that you guys will be the new hotness that millenials crave hardcore. So this time around and for the finale I gripped a sample of Pike Creek from a crew member in a swap for some Lot 40 which I think is totally fair yknow? So anyways I put on some Zeppelin and chilled with this sample at sunset. There’s a lot more traffic on my road now that Marianne’s getting that Taylor joint cleaned up so I sat and watched old people in convertibles cruise by. Old people kind of piss me off because they have all this money and don’t know how to have a good time with it.

Okay so here’s my report: It’s good. Not great, but good. Close to Lot 40 but better than that Crown Royal shit I had to work through. It’s light on the alcohol and I totally have a bias towards high octane but whatever this is a good porch sipping drink while listening to Physical Graffiti. Pretty sweet with caramel and a little bit of dessert on the nose, some apple and a little bit of spice. Not much spice, but just enough to get the curiosity going. Then check it: it totally fools you like a psycho ex! Total rye on the taste that packs a punch and some heat. Totally gets you when the guard is down and out. Nice finish that’s medium length with some dark chocolate on top of heat and pepper. I think this was a great finale to the experiment, and I may try some more Canadian business soon. I dont know. I’m starting to get some email about this site. Maybe I’ll do a Q&A or something this week. Alright gotta go do some work. Stay inzane!

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[Review] Lot 40

Proof: 86 | Price: $50 (+/-) | RatingLot-40-pic: 3.5

Okay so this week hasn’t been a total bust thanks to Lot 40. I’ve been pissed off more than once thinking this was a bad idea and that I should have just gone out and skated this week instead of scoping out Canadian stuff and spending money on what could have been total disappointments but that’s okay because I do it for all three of you that read this blag on a regular basis. I try hard for you but sometimes words fail me. But this time around? Man this is the good stuff. I’m glad I saved one of the best for last because I was nervous. You know how people get all excited about shit, hype it up and then potentially ruin it for you because it didn’t live up to everyone blabbering on about it? That’s what I was afraid of with this, Gavin D. Everyone droning on about great it is and how it should be how every Candian whisky taste blah blah blah whatever. But this is the week of the Olympics and I was feeling in the spirit of brotherhood and that’s why I wanted to try this whole northern booze thing. My favorite part is how most of the distilleries up there are straight up owned by US companies making bourbon. That cracks my shit up, Gavin. This one is owned by Canada and Hiarm Walker. I’m sure he’s a good dude because this is a rye with some legs on it, ZZ top style.
It’s got some nice cinnamon and fruit on the nose with a touch of clove to lure you in and I got lured, Gavin. But then it pivots and sweetness takes over for a hot second before the rye breaks through the wall Kool Aid man style and punches you straight up in the throat with rye and black peppercorns and it’s quite good. The best part for me was the finish: nice and long and full. Super full. Like you just had a fistful of amazing hot bread shoved in your mouth and after smoking an incredible clove cigarette. This is how every Canadian beverage that isn’t beer should taste. This was the 2015 edition and I’m looking forward to throwing down some hard earned loonies and twonies to get future editions. Good shit!

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[Review] Crown Royal Northern Harvest

crProof: 90 | Price: $30 | Rating: 1.5

British guy Bill Murray put this as the best whisky in the world last year. Over the tons of other bottles he has in his locker room, over rare and quality single malts, bourbons. This was it for him. This was the big kahuna. This bottle right here is the one that got everyone shocked and angry. This is the one he chose. The one that made a ton of headlines. Okay.
I seriously don’t get it. This is completely and utterly below average by every metric possible. By the objectivity of world class whiskies, by Canadian whisky (okay so I’m still a noob but everything else I’ve tried this week is far better) hell even by regular Crown Royal standards. There is nothing remarkable about this at all, and I am so glad I didn’t drop $30 on this because I would have taken my neighbors shotgun to the bottle out of anger. Want to know what this tastes like? Go find a bunch of produce and shove it all in your mouth at once, swallow and then chase with a proper shot of regular Crown. That’s it. I can’t waste any more time on finding words for this. If facesmashing produce is your thing then you might dig this, but if you like actually drinking whisky, find something else. Whatever.

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[Review] Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch

Alberta Rye Dark BatchProof: 90 | Price: $35 (+/-) | Rating: 3

So third time is the charm right? Sort of. This week and this adventure is getting costly and irritating. I suppose its something to do while we wait for the big explosion of bourbons that usually arrive in the fall. But man oh man Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch is a weird one. So this is a blended rye, and if I’m reading reddit right it’s two ryes and a bit of bourbon mixed in. Okay whatever, again I’m beginning to think this is all just some sort of practical joke that americans are playing on canadians as a payback for Nickelback. It’s rough, that’s for sure. Quite a punchy little nose that’s really earthy with pine and campfire and a little bit of smoke, not a lot. Some espresso as well. After the last two bottles I opened, I was surprised and almost looking forward to tasting it.

That’s where things got kind of weird. I can’t put my finger on it, but there was something off about the taste. I don’t know if it was a bad batch or the blend got jacked up, but it got sweeter with the more sips that I took. At first sip it was consistent with the nose, but as I went on it became more like canned preserves that went bad and a bit syrupy. I couldn’t handle more than one glass, and promptly gave this to my neighbor who likes to shoot guns.

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[Review] Collingwood Canadian Whisky

CollingwoodProof: 80 | Price: $30 | Rating: 2

No seriously, what in the hell am I missing here? So I got another laugh in finding out that this brand is owned by Brown-Forman. Im beginning to think this whole thing is just one giant North American sham. Throw some maple syrup in a barrel with some whiskey, play it some 2112 and then bottle accordingly. All I could smell on the nose was maple syrup and caramel. It’s definitely a mild drink that’s super sweet with vanilla, like someone put a pancake breakfast in a blender with some Woodford and said “open fire”. This is a really weird blend, and I’m starting to think that I’m going to need to upgrade my purchase level if I’m going to want to drink something tasty.

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[Review] Legacy Canadian Whisky

Legacy Canadian WhiskyProof: 80 | Price: $25 | Rating: 2

I don’t think I’m off to a good start here. I stood in front of the shelf and wondered what would be a good mid-range Canadian bottle to start off with that wasn’t too pricey (was reading up on a blag that Lot is pretty tight, but I’m not there yet hold on) but wasn’t too bottom feeding gut rotter either so I asked the manager and he said this was a pretty decent purchase. I ain’t trusting that manager again. Turns out this shit is made by Sazerac, the same people who make your head spin and vomit with their whole precious lineup. So I was like okay what the hell let’s do this.

It’s just like their bottom feeders made in the USA! Holy smokes! This is blended, so I have no idea where they get their juice from, but I’d bet they some of it from KY up north, let the barrels play a game of hockey, have some Tim Horton’s, listen to Tragically Hip, and then blend it with some other stuff they have hanging around up there. That’s to say it’s not bad, and the price is appropriate. Reminds me of a rye with some spice and pepper on the nose and more pepper with some cinnamon when you’re tasting and then there’s a sweet but short finish. Doesn’t linger too long, and to be honest neither did I with this one.

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[Comment] Its Canadian Whisky Week

Crew it’s been a weird summer around these parts. The bunker has been cleaned and I think I’ve reviewed everything I own. Too hot to head to the bar and drink or to skate for any long period of time. Man Im getting old complaining about all of this stuff.

I havent been doing too much bourbon drinking and reviewing but I have been reading some books which has been a nice distraction from the real world but I have to tell you I am sick and tired of these idiots playing this pokeman game all over my hood. I swear to god crew a pickup truck almost took one of my neighbors out because he wasn’t watching where he was going and this F150 was going about 15 over and had to swerve because homeboy was paying attention to his damn phone instead of realizing that he wasn’t on the shoulder of the road anymore.

Reading more books and I got two emails from crew I don’t know (sup Brad and Parker) asking if I would do more book reviews and I don’t feel like it, but I have been reading this book on Canadian whisky by this Gavin De Krogmmmmeux dude and its pretty good. Also if you want to hit me up on email my address is brbnbrbnbrbn at gmail dot com and I’m in my cubicle from like 9-4pm totally bored so I will probably respond unless you’re a total asshole. Gavin’s got me interested in checking out some Canadian batches so I am probably heading to the store tonight to pick some up. The book is pretty tight and you should check it out if that’s your thing. It might not be but whatever. Im into it. Im also reading Lew Bryson’s book and I bit the bullet and bought one of Bill Murray’s Whisky Books too. But so far Gavins book is where my heads at.

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