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[Review] 1792 Sweet Wheat

Price: $35 (+/-) | Proof: 91.2 | Rating: 2.5 Joe Clark, I’m a wheated fan. I could drink various wheaters all day long and do it with a smile on my face. Although, after the small batch bum out, I … Continue reading

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[Review] 1792 Small Batch

Price: $25 (+/-) | Proof: 93.7 | Rating: 2 Oh snap! Two posts in a week? Marge, when’s the last time that one happened? Damn. Monday is messing me up something real in the real world, so I’m hiding until … Continue reading

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It took exactly one year to write 100 posts. Shameful on my part. I wanna take a second to shout out all 10 of y’all that kept reading over the last 365. Here’s to year two, Kenny. – AD

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[Review] 2015 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

October used to be a month when the word “insanity” referred to one of three things: the World Series, college football or Halloween. For a few years now we have enjoyed a whole new and special breed of WTF to … Continue reading

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