[Comment] Its Canadian Whisky Week

Crew it’s been a weird summer around these parts. The bunker has been cleaned and I think I’ve reviewed everything I own. Too hot to head to the bar and drink or to skate for any long period of time. Man Im getting old complaining about all of this stuff.

I havent been doing too much bourbon drinking and reviewing but I have been reading some books which has been a nice distraction from the real world but I have to tell you I am sick and tired of these idiots playing this pokeman game all over my hood. I swear to god crew a pickup truck almost took one of my neighbors out because he wasn’t watching where he was going and this F150 was going about 15 over and had to swerve because homeboy was paying attention to his damn phone instead of realizing that he wasn’t on the shoulder of the road anymore.

Reading more books and I got two emails from crew I don’t know (sup Brad and Parker) asking if I would do more book reviews and I don’t feel like it, but I have been reading this book on Canadian whisky by this Gavin De Krogmmmmeux dude and its pretty good. Also if you want to hit me up on email my address is brbnbrbnbrbn at gmail dot com and I’m in my cubicle from like 9-4pm totally bored so I will probably respond unless you’re a total asshole. Gavin’s got me interested in checking out some Canadian batches so I am probably heading to the store tonight to pick some up. The book is pretty tight and you should check it out if that’s your thing. It might not be but whatever. Im into it. Im also reading Lew Bryson’s book and I bit the bullet and bought one of Bill Murray’s Whisky Books too. But so far Gavins book is where my heads at.

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