[Review] Ol’ Major Bacon Flavored Bourbon

Old Major Bacon BourbonProof: 70 | Price: No idea it was a gift | Rating: 1.5

Alright so you know how there’s always that one relative that just zooms in on one thing and then hammers down on you for the next decade about that one thing? In this case my problem was admitting how much I liked bacon to my sister in law. Now I receive emails, facebook timeline posts, bacon themed christmas gifts such as soaps and candles and now it has finally come to this: Ol’ Major Bacon Flavored Bourbon. She said it was the “best of both worlds for me” and I should be so excited to try this. And then she like, stared at me and then stared at the bottle, waiting for me to open it up and pour a sample. So not only did I have to try this, but I had to do it faking excitement. I mean, you can totally say “nah I’m good thanks b” but then you look like a totally ungrateful dick especially when they’re super excited to give this to you as a well meaning gift.

So I poured it and tried it and guess what? It’s not great but I didn’t do a spit take either. There is bacon and a little bit of limp bourbon and that’s really all you need to know. There ain’t no sense in getting all deep on it. I mean, I’m sure there are other bottles out there that are flavored that are just as heinous that involve bacon, but having never tried them I don’t know. I think maybe I would crush this over breakfast if I was still drunk from the night before. But I’d probably have to still be drunk. I almost wish I could go back and review more Canadian whisky at this point. Maybe I’ll make that a thing next paycheck. Pick up a bottle or two of more Canadian business and have another week of tasting. Maybe invite some crew over to get their opinions.

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