[Review] Crown Royal Northern Harvest

crProof: 90 | Price: $30 | Rating: 1.5

British guy Bill Murray put this as the best whisky in the world last year. Over the tons of other bottles he has in his locker room, over rare and quality single malts, bourbons. This was it for him. This was the big kahuna. This bottle right here is the one that got everyone shocked and angry. This is the one he chose. The one that made a ton of headlines. Okay.
I seriously don’t get it. This is completely and utterly below average by every metric possible. By the objectivity of world class whiskies, by Canadian whisky (okay so I’m still a noob but everything else I’ve tried this week is far better) hell even by regular Crown Royal standards. There is nothing remarkable about this at all, and I am so glad I didn’t drop $30 on this because I would have taken my neighbors shotgun to the bottle out of anger. Want to know what this tastes like? Go find a bunch of produce and shove it all in your mouth at once, swallow and then chase with a proper shot of regular Crown. That’s it. I can’t waste any more time on finding words for this. If facesmashing produce is your thing then you might dig this, but if you like actually drinking whisky, find something else. Whatever.

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