[Review] Legacy Canadian Whisky

Legacy Canadian WhiskyProof: 80 | Price: $25 | Rating: 2

I don’t think I’m off to a good start here. I stood in front of the shelf and wondered what would be a good mid-range Canadian bottle to start off with that wasn’t too pricey (was reading up on a blag that Lot is pretty tight, but I’m not there yet hold on) but wasn’t too bottom feeding gut rotter either so I asked the manager and he said this was a pretty decent purchase. I ain’t trusting that manager again. Turns out this shit is made by Sazerac, the same people who make your head spin and vomit with their whole precious lineup. So I was like okay what the hell let’s do this.

It’s just like their bottom feeders made in the USA! Holy smokes! This is blended, so I have no idea where they get their juice from, but I’d bet they some of it from KY up north, let the barrels play a game of hockey, have some Tim Horton’s, listen to Tragically Hip, and then blend it with some other stuff they have hanging around up there. That’s to say it’s not bad, and the price is appropriate. Reminds me of a rye with some spice and pepper on the nose and more pepper with some cinnamon when you’re tasting and then there’s a sweet but short finish. Doesn’t linger too long, and to be honest neither did I with this one.

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