[Review] Lot 40

Proof: 86 | Price: $50 (+/-) | RatingLot-40-pic: 3.5

Okay so this week hasn’t been a total bust thanks to Lot 40. I’ve been pissed off more than once thinking this was a bad idea and that I should have just gone out and skated this week instead of scoping out Canadian stuff and spending money on what could have been total disappointments but that’s okay because I do it for all three of you that read this blag on a regular basis. I try hard for you but sometimes words fail me. But this time around? Man this is the good stuff. I’m glad I saved one of the best for last because I was nervous. You know how people get all excited about shit, hype it up and then potentially ruin it for you because it didn’t live up to everyone blabbering on about it? That’s what I was afraid of with this, Gavin D. Everyone droning on about great it is and how it should be how every Candian whisky taste blah blah blah whatever. But this is the week of the Olympics and I was feeling in the spirit of brotherhood and that’s why I wanted to try this whole northern booze thing. My favorite part is how most of the distilleries up there are straight up owned by US companies making bourbon. That cracks my shit up, Gavin. This one is owned by Canada and Hiarm Walker. I’m sure he’s a good dude because this is a rye with some legs on it, ZZ top style.
It’s got some nice cinnamon and fruit on the nose with a touch of clove to lure you in and I got lured, Gavin. But then it pivots and sweetness takes over for a hot second before the rye breaks through the wall Kool Aid man style and punches you straight up in the throat with rye and black peppercorns and it’s quite good. The best part for me was the finish: nice and long and full. Super full. Like you just had a fistful of amazing hot bread shoved in your mouth and after smoking an incredible clove cigarette. This is how every Canadian beverage that isn’t beer should taste. This was the 2015 edition and I’m looking forward to throwing down some hard earned loonies and twonies to get future editions. Good shit!

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