[Review] Pike Creek Canadian Whisky

pike-creek-canadian-whisky-1Proof: 80 | Price: $35 (+/-) | Rating: 3

Alright, Pike Creek was the last one of the bunch for me. Gotta say Gavin that Canada’s whisky game is tight, but still lagging in many respects but I think with this new prime minister he’ll get it on lockdown and you guys are gonna be major players in the world soon especially when all of these so called tariffs get enacted with Scotland. Gut feeling is that you guys will be the new hotness that millenials crave hardcore. So this time around and for the finale I gripped a sample of Pike Creek from a crew member in a swap for some Lot 40 which I think is totally fair yknow? So anyways I put on some Zeppelin and chilled with this sample at sunset. There’s a lot more traffic on my road now that Marianne’s getting that Taylor joint cleaned up so I sat and watched old people in convertibles cruise by. Old people kind of piss me off because they have all this money and don’t know how to have a good time with it.

Okay so here’s my report: It’s good. Not great, but good. Close to Lot 40 but better than that Crown Royal shit I had to work through. It’s light on the alcohol and I totally have a bias towards high octane but whatever this is a good porch sipping drink while listening to Physical Graffiti. Pretty sweet with caramel and a little bit of dessert on the nose, some apple and a little bit of spice. Not much spice, but just enough to get the curiosity going. Then check it: it totally fools you like a psycho ex! Total rye on the taste that packs a punch and some heat. Totally gets you when the guard is down and out. Nice finish that’s medium length with some dark chocolate on top of heat and pepper. I think this was a great finale to the experiment, and I may try some more Canadian business soon. I dont know. I’m starting to get some email about this site. Maybe I’ll do a Q&A or something this week. Alright gotta go do some work. Stay inzane!

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