[Review] Stagg Jr. 2016 Release

Proof: 132.5 | Price: $60 (+/-) | Rating: 2.5

The price went up and the proof went down. I mean, not a lot on either end..up ten bucks down 2 points, but I’ve been reading up and seems like people are split 50/50 on the junior. Some folks think its too overpriced and not even close to the genius of big brother Stagg, others think it’s bloated Blanton’s at a higher proof, others think it a pretty swell drank. I ponied up to my favorite barstool and gripped a glass last night. Didn’t even come close to the earlier batches I’ve tried. In fact, this one seemed to align itself with folks who thinking its not even good enough to bear the Stagg name. Much sweeter, less complex and doesn’t drink like a bourbon at 132, for sure. No major burn or punch, and more brown sugar and lots of oak on the taste.  I guess thats one of the problems with these annual releases like this and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof: you never know what you’re gonna get until you pony down some scratch for a bottle. This batch, it might be best to save your money until the next round. Or don’t. Do what you want.

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