Adam Diamond is a spends his days as a gentleman of leisure and occasional investment. He spends his time skating and mellowglowing in Woodford County, Kentucky.

All inquiries can be made towards brbnbrbnbrbn at gmail dot com.

Policy statements below. More statements soon come. When I feel like it, Janice.

Thank you for reading.

Press photo:


POLICY STATEMENT #1 – PHOTOS: Almost all photos gripped from press sites. I hate my camera and I’m too lazy to take photos. Whatever. Go elsewhere if you want grainy ass photos with some veiny wrists or poorly decorated house/kitchen.

POLICY STATEMENT #2 – SAMPLES: If you’re one a company that, for some reason, has ample samples to bloggers who have a clue what they’re talking about as opposed to ill informed lifestyle journalists who just heard about bourbon from their editor: 1) good for you 2) I don’t know what you’d want to talk with me 3) I’ll take one. Moral scruples are best left to Harvard faculty and taxi cab drivers, of which I am neither.

POLICY STATEMENT #3 – SCORING: It’s from my gut. I reserve the right to change at a later date, but all dranks are pretty much sampled from the same glass, in the same room. It’s just my opinion, crew. You got yours too.

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